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For my barfday I had originally planned on staying home with the damned cat to do nothing more taxing than, say, playing video games and quaffing beer.

Of course that notion didn't last long -- at least as far as Friday of that weekend is concerned. On 9/29 the film Jesus Camp will be playing for only that night at the E St. Cinema. Not sure of the times yet, but I'm definitely going.

(Though I question my sanity. Why go to a movie that will obviously disturb me for my birthday? Hurm.)

So far arensb is in. Anyone else reading this is welcome to join us. We can use the comments to work out logistical details.

Update[0]: More on "Jesus Camp" here.

Update[1]: Billmon has more to say about "Jesus Camp." Wow.

Update[2]: Plans for 9/29 have coelesced a wee bit. Those interested in meeting for dinner before the film should meet at John Harvard's Brew Pub at 7:30ish. And this is an open invite; I just ask that you notify me that you're coming so that I can sync dinner reservations accordingly. So far I know that arensb and possibly tuath13 are going plus maybe a couple folks from GMU. And though the E Street Cinema hasn't yet posted show times for "Jesus Camp", we'll shoot for the nearest post 9pm film. Watch this space for details.

(BTW, you can hit the tack on this entry to "watch for changes". This is apparently a new-ish LJ feature.)

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