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Anomalous Space Time Piping

a stochastically driven life

Late Night with Piprrrrrr
29 September
I am irreverent and frequently caffeinated. Legos are mandatory office decor. Belhaven Scottish Ale is a fine pub litmus test; however, Guinness is good for you. I learned that bagpipes can be used to evict your friends. (The trick, see, is to keep them as friends afterwards.) When in a foul mood I listen to heavy industrial music; after all, the artist was clearly having a worse day than me while in the recording studio. I scream at machines.

You can add me as a friend without previously asking for permission. To me livejournal "friends" is a bit of a misnomer. Many of my livejournal "friends" are really just interesting journals to which I've subscribed; I don't necessarily even know the authors and probably never had met them. I'm fairly certain that that criteria applies to many that have "subscribed" to my livejournal, too. And that's fine by me. (If a bit flattering, too.)
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